Ernie BanksDad 2Here are the two heroes from the second inning in the book Welcome to the Big Leagues.

My dad finished like a hero–faithful to the very end. The week before he died I was with him and heard a passionate prayer of blessing for my brother and me, our wives and our children.

Ernie Banks, Darrel’s hero, has lived a life that has made a difference in others lives. I had the TV on when the Medal of Freedom awards were presented. I’d love to give Ernie one of our books. If anyone knows where I can send it to him, please let me know.

The few heroes honored in recent blog posts had a few things in common. They faced very challenging circumstances, they gave their best and their actions affected the future. Every man should strive to attain those traits! With God’s help, every man can be a hero.

PLEASE READ:  A must read book for every father, mentor, coach, pastor, teacher is The Blessing by Gary Smalley and John Trent. “God”s covenant of blessing was originally made with and was passed directly through one family’s offspring. Abraham’s descendent received the blessing God had promised him (Genesis 12:2, 3). This was true generation after generation right up until the birth of the Messiah (Matthew 1:2-16). In contrast, because of what Jesus did for all people, now every family and each family member can experience a blessing through God’s son. This blessing can then be passed on to others by introducing them to Christ.” (p 25)

When you lead your children to God’s favor and grace it is the beginning of a blessed life.  That is not to be confused with an easy life.  Now you have the opportunity to speak words of blessing that let them know they have a future, a hope and that his/her life matters.  That is where they find the strength to succeed when faced with major challenges.

To guarantee that this process would transform and impact a life, God hardwired into each person the need to hear a blessing.  It is like metal and a magnet—they come together.

Every man needs a hero. Every man can be a hero.