Your Life Matters!

 Exists to become a Dynamic Ministry which

 Equips People to be Courageous and Contagious and

 Empowers Them with the knowledge that Their Lives Matter!


 Promote the “Your Life Matters” Message to many audiences

  • Women and Men
  • Young and Old
  • Near and Far

Especially to People experiencing Major Life Changes and Challenges on Their Journey to Significance,

  • Show them that their Life Matters to God,
    • To Their Family,
    • To Others and
    • To Themselves
  • Challenge them to step up and be heroes for others



Develop a full curriculum of Your Life Matters materials that support our vision of empowering People to live Courageously and Contagiously, because Their Lives Matter.

Present and train the Your Life Matters materials and message at Businesses, Churches, Faith-Based Meetings, Gatherings, Clubs, Small Groups or One on One sessions; any place where two or more are gathered, to help them live up to their God Given Potential.

Build a self sustaining organization capable of:

  •  Delivering the products containing the message “Your Life Matters.”
  • Train others to present the message, teach study groups, and lead the various levels of the effort.
  • Recruit dedicated volunteers and support staff
  • Explore growth opportunities where we can present our message, bring in more volunteers, and reach more supporters
  • Generate sufficient sustainable funding to support our work to reach more people who need to hear that Their Lives Matter

About The Book “Welcome To The Big Leagues” & the “Your Life Matters Movement”

Darrel Chaney made it to the Big Leagues. He played, for 7 years, on one of the best teams ever to take the field, the Cincinnati Reds—the Big Red Machine. He played in 4 National League Championship Series and 3 World Series. He was in the game the Major League Baseball Network considered the best game of the last 50 years—game 6 of the 1975 World Series.

But Darrel had a nagging frustration that eroded his belief in his significance. Disappointments, setbacks and opposition attacked his dream. He was a utility player among superstars.

Most men are utility players. They face the same battles that Darrel faced. They get frustrated and lose enthusiasm for work and life itself. But, when a man discovers his God given significance, he enjoys life more and does better in it. Then, whatever his game, he is in the Big Leagues.

“The Your Life Matters Movement”

1.  Know your life matters.  2. Tell somebody their life matters.  3.  Treat everybody like their lives matter.

When a man knows HIS LIFE MATTERS, he lives the Big League life and he makes a difference.  Making a difference everyday builds momentum.  Momentum becomes contageous.  Teams of men discover THEIR LIVES MATTER and they tell their sons, brothers, dads, colleagues, friends, etc. and they live like their LIVES MATTER.  This becomes a movement of men discovering God’s grace through the live of a baseball player, and men making a positive difference in their world by being the man they were made to be.  Read the book.  Live the message.  Change your world. 

About the Author

 Dan Hettinger learned to enjoy baseball growing up in his hometown, Williamsport, PA., also the birth place of Little League baseball.  He played catch with his brother, Jim, almost everyday and, with kids in the neighborhood, turned every vacant lot and field into their “big league” ball park. Williamsport’s Bowman Field,is the second oldest Minor League ball park in the country and the place where Dan and Jim, in one summer of frequent ball park outtings, scarfed up 21 foul balls, home run balls and begged out of the bull-pen balls. 

He didn’t attend his first Big League game until he was out of college so after all these years, a summer afternoon or evening at the ball-park is one of his greatest enjoyments and brings back a thousand happy feelings and memories.

Dan’s carreer spanned 35 years of service to God and man in a variety of church ministry positions (Youth Pastor, Small Church Pastor, Ministry Coordinator, Church Planter, Community Life Director) from Warren, Ohio to Castle Rock, CO–with Delray Beach, FLA, Princeton, NJ, Lawrenceville, GA in between.  He worked with The Christian and Missionary Alliance, Non-Denominational and Presbyterian churches.  Dan believes that every word of God’s, even when spoken by Dan, does not return empty but produces immeasurable results.  There are no insignificant people and no unimportant places in serving God so Dan writes and speaks to encourage people with the truth that their LIFE MATTERS. He founded The Jakin Group as a ministry of encouragement and is excited to see it’s territory increase with the use of Welcome to the Big Leagues as his cornerstone publication.The value of every life and the importance of each chapter of life

is never more apparent than in Dan’s current work with Hospice of Saint John.  Dan directs the Pastoral Care Department in the one of the oldedst Hospices in the country and the one that has more Chaplains per patient than any other hospice.

Besides baseball, Dan likes to ski, ride his bike over Colorado’s mountain passes and climb 14ers–he has summitted 17 of the Rocky Mountains highest peaks.Along with his wife Susan and daughter Angie, they live in Colorado.  Their sons, Danny and Andrew live with their wives and sons in New Philadelphia, Ohio and Austin, Texas.


 About the Main Character

Darrel Chaney is a motivational speaker, using his experiences and faith to tell people in all settings, that their life matters. 

He was born in Hammond, Indiana.  He and his wife Cindy have been married 45 years and have one son, a great daughter-in-law and 3 grandsons that make them very proud.

Darrel was part of Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine for seven years and lives in north Georgia, after playing with the Atlanta Braves for four years and broadcasting on TBS for two years.   Much of his post baseball carreer has been in real estate and the corporate relocation business. 

The Jakin Group, Inc.

The Jakin Group was founded by Dan to provide a ministry that would encourage people.  Encouragement is much more than making people feel better.  Biblical encouragement gives new courage based on God’s promises, grace and mercy.  The Jakin Group relies on the support of generous people to advance this message.  Welcome to the Big Leagues is the cornerstone work of this ministry.  You are welcome to request more information by sending Dan a confidential e-mail (