arrowsHow can anyone be thankful for the ambushes of life? I’ve experienced the arrows of criticism through years of ministry, and for many years allowed those arrows to remain in place, causing doubt and fear to fester.  We’re all susceptible to those, but what can we do to be healed from those wounds?  We must remember who God says we are–His child, Christ’s friend, bought with a price, redeemed and forgiven, complete in Christ–just a partial list. When we agree with that and claim that as our identity, we find healing.

Ambushes will occur. We will be wounded and carry battle scars. But we can be healed from those wounds and be even stronger than before. Toughness and resilience will characterize the way we live.  Yes, I can say I’m grateful for the ambushes in life, because in those ambushes the Lord met me and reminded me of who and Whose I am!!

Read Galatians 5:1