Let baseball make a difference again with racial tension

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The Jackie Robinson story was shown on TV recently.  I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen it but it captivates me every time it is on. It inspires and

A “winning hand” for a winning life.

I’m in way over my head when it comes to cards, but, even I know that 4 aces helps to make a winning hand. When combined with a King, it

A special place in the heart!

Since writing the book and giving the Your Life Matters message in speeches my view of the value of every life has expanded.   I don't want anybody to feel

Not dis-abled. Different-abled.

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Looking back and forth at two stories of “disability” expands my view of  life and love. Steve Roloff lives life by looking at the abilities and opportunities he has.  He

Not “just-a” disabled guy/girl

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           Dear Friend, When I met Rick Santorum this weekend, if hearing him speak and getting him to sign the book, Bella’s Gift, that he and his

No such thing as “Just-a” dad

My dad probably didn’t know how special he was.  His impact on my life was beyond measure.  But, in being faithful for a lifetime of manly responsibilities I think he