Perseverance faces the threat of failure

“Hey Darrel, come he.  I need to talk to you.”  Sparky Anderson did not wait to get into the locker room or to the office but met Darrel in the

The key to perserveance? Attitude

“The longer I live the more I realize the impact of attitudes on life.  Attitude to me is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than

Dreams come true after fierce competition.

 Below is an article the I wrote earlier today for the Castle Rock News Press and related newspapers.  It demonstrates how destructive competition can be when it is not understood

You cannot overestimate the importance of who you listen to.

The competition against your significance does not have to hinder you.  It can strengthen your focus when you intentionally decide what voice and/or message to listen to.  You cannot overestimate

Sometimes a man is his own greatest competition.

“The struggle comes from within.  Doubts, fears and wounds that he did not know existed riseup to compete against him when he is making decisions.  His performance, even his ability

You can survive an ambush

An ambush is a surprise attack.  Your significance and your dream will be attacked from a variety of adversaries and many times the attack will catch you completely by surprise. That’s

Keep it Simple–Keep your eye on the ball!

We can do more if we keep is simple. I see need everywhere and I want to make a difference.  It is overwhelming.  Maybe I can’t fix everything but I

YOUR LIFE MATTERS — The Humble vs. Proud versions

Pride says, “My life matters because of my performance.” Humility says, “My life matters because of God’s love, design and purpose.” When I say, “your life matters” it could sound

SCORE CARD — Welcome to the Big Leagues making a difference

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Well, finished “Welcome to the Big Leagues”. POWERFUL! Grief, wow, Dan unlocked my heart about my brother. Still can almost hear his last breath as I was holding his hand,

SCORE CARD — Welcome to the Big Leagues making a difference

 I gave my husband the book, he began reading and was really inspired and thankful for it.  He just called me and we talked about significance.  He also said how already the