“Every year Darrel had to earn his position for the ensuing year.  Every game and every at-bat had significance beyond the impact of the gapressurecannerme.”

Sometimes pressure brings out the best–intensity grows, focus increases and performance improves.   Faith is cultivated and the pressure cooker becomes a growing time.  A man wants to earn his worth and produce when the teams needs him.  It feels good to be needed and to face situations where you can make a difference.

Sometimes the pressure overwhelms and becomes a weight of crushing stress.

The difference in those situations is an internal security that comes from  knowing that something bigger is taking place.  There is Divine work under way  beyond what  can be seen.  Strength and rest come in the belief that God has a plan and His purpose will prevail.

Read Philippians 1:6.  If you can, read all of Philippians and you will see that you will be able to do everything you need to and you will have everything to do what you are called to do.