images66ZY87QJOne of the worst things a guy can say about himself is, “I’m just….”

“I’m just a roofer.”  “I’m just a kid.”  “I’m just an old retired guy.”  “I’m just an entry-level employee.”  “I’m just a middle age, overweight and balding guy.”  “I’m just a utility player.”

You get the idea.  That’s the main message of this world to you and you have enough self-doubt to believe it.

It takes more than positive self talk to beat it.  It takes the conviction that God gives your life worth, has paid the ultimate price to make it worthy and works through your life to make it worthwhile.

images1D6HTHU0The day you discover that will be a day that changes your life and you’ll never again say, “I’m just… ”

You’ll have made it to the Big Leagues.