Darrel and I encounter the Eternal in the 10th inning of Welcome to the Big Leagues.  It is about a subject that most of us deny and avoid.

Grief is powerful.  It might be the most common human experience.  While I am a patriotic American, I do believe that our culture is very bad at dealing with this reality.  We are too busy working and playing to face death and greif.  We keep kicking that can down the road until we can’t ignore it.  But when we do face it, we learn to live more fully.  People mean more to us and we understand the value of every life.  Even our own.  .  We recognize that life is like a book–every chapter matters, especially the last one.  And, heaven becomes real to us,  Don’t be afraid to face your grief.

Read I Corinthians 1:1-11 and let the God of all comfort, comfort you.  Then read I Corinthians 15 and know there is more.