“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

I had occasion recently to organize my thoughts about the main lessons I learned in my work at Hospice of  Saint John–the importance of every life, the sacredness of each death and the magnitude of everyone’s grief.

As we grapple with horror and sadness after another round of tornadoes in Oklahoma, maybe these lessons can help you.  I hear and read attempts that try to comfort with a positive spin such as, “It could have been worse,” “We will recover,”  “The human spirit will prevail,” etc.  Certainly the motives are correct but the effect misses the need.

Tragic events change people.  Their lives will never be the same  because parts of their lives are missing.  Maybe it is a  loved ones, and/or their home or the ability to sleep when it is raining.

Deal with your shock and sadnessray for God to reveal the importance of every life.  Contemplate the sacredness of each loss.   Recognize the magnitude of  everyone’s grief.  The journey into the confusion and sadness of heartache is difficult but healthy and helpful.

Sometimes, hopefully not very often, a man needs to persevere the grief of a catastrophe.  God is not the cause, but he is present and he cares.  Let God reveal himself to you.

Read I Corinthianbs 1:1-11  & Psalm 34:18