It is not DiMaggio’s’s 56 game hitting streak or Ted Williams 84 game of reaching base streak that puzzle me.  They are just amazing accomplishments by the best who were hot!What drives me crazy is how the Rockies can score a zillion runs with everybody hitting from top to bottom and then get shut out twice in a row.  Or how does a the last place Red Sox loose 10 in a row then beat the first place Braves twice in a row–so far.  They play in Fenway tonight.

Short streaks  they are, I know, so maybe inconsistency is the more appropriate label.  Why?  Maybe if I knew I would understand my own inconsistencies.

What do you think?  Who is the most consistent team you ever saw?  Who is the most consistent person in your life?  (I’m going for positive not a steady screw up.)

I want to win.  But sometimes I loose.  There are days when I finish my tasks and days when I spin my wheels.  Is there a reason?  How long of a winning streak can a person put together?