hands on globeDarrel played in three World Series.  One of them was arguably, the best and most memorable of them all.  An historic world series–it revived baseball.  Darrel had a place in sports history and we all have a place in history.

The most important event in all of history was the birth of Jesus, unless the crucifixion or the resurrection surpassed them in importance.  The return of Christ will affirm their importance but will be the most dramatic and the historical impact will be undeniable.

I am amazed with the fact that He has invited me into his historic cause and that my life and actions make a difference.  That is true for each of us.

Read Matthew 5:16 

I met Jerry Jenkins recently at his office.  He has written over 180 books—3 are biographies of baseball players and at least one more is a baseball novel.  He gave me a few books and a gift I will always cherish.  It is a name plate for my desk that he used for years at Moody Bible Institute and Moody Press.  Instead of a name it reads, “Welcome to the Big Leagues.”  All of his autographs had this verse.