WrigleyFieldOver the ivy! For the boy from Hammond, Indiana, Wrigley Field was a sacred place. It was the home of the Cubs and one of the great ball parks of all time, unique for the ivy that covers the outfield fence.

Darrel was in his sixth year of the Big Leagues, including most of 1971 when he played in the minors. The Reds had 84 wins and were in first place going into this game with the sub .500 Cubs.

In the fifth inning, with two outs and Joe Morgan on third and George Foster on first and a 4 run lead for the Reds, Darrel got to experience a lifelong dream. He homered over the ivy in right field of Wrigley Field. Seven to one was the score and the Reds went on to win 11 to 4. It was a five RBI game for Darrel.

A special place makes a success extra meaningful.  With your memory, go to that place and event, and express thanks.

Read Psalm 100:4