God makes everybody with a purpose.  There is a place on his team for you.  You are made with a design and there are things you can do that nobody else can.  That means the team needs you!

Page 153, 4 From Welcome to the Big Leagues–Every Man’s Journey to Significance (below)

“No, sit down and listen to me. Here is your purpose. If Pete gets sick, I will need you to play third. If Davey gets injured, you go into shortstop. If Joe needs a rest, you are the guy I go to. Do you understand? I need you. If I need a bunt, you are one of the best bunters on the team. If I have to pinch-run, you are one of the fastest and smartest runners we have. If we are going to be competitive, we need you to be the best utility player in the majors.”

On that team, Darrel was the only guy who played for Sparky in the Minor Leagues with the AA Asheville Tourists. It didn’t hurt that they had a history together. Darrel had confidence in Sparky’s knowledge of the game and his assessment of his team’s individual skills and potential. Sparky knew Darrel’s skills and the intangibles—his love for the game, intensity, positive attitude, teachability and dependability.

Darrel was getting it and Sparky could see the enthusiasm returning. His body language changed from sitting compliant with his hands on his lap and his head hanging, to sitting alert, leaning forward, and looking straight into Sparky’s eyes with hardly a blink. What Sparky was about to say would be some of the most motivational words Darrel would hear in his entire baseball career.