Dare_to_Dream_wall_by_xshadyblues13xA great man once said, “I have a dream….”  And because of his pursuit of that dream, he was assassinated. But his courage in spite of the danger helped change this country.

Want some danger and drama at the beginning of 2014?  Do you know when you are most vulnerable?

Face your dream!  What do you really want to be? Do?

“My dream scares me.  If I share it people will laugh at me.  They will scoff and say that is impossible!  Who do you think you are?  How do you think you will do that?  Nobody is interested in that.  It is too expensive.”

I don’t blame them.   Their points make more sense than my dream does.  “Maybe I got it wrong.  I should probably be more reasonable, safer, doable ….”  I wonder how many times Joseph of the Old Testament, or the young pre-King David thought that?  (Genesis 37-42).

Your dream and mine are also God’s dream for us.  Over time it will morph and change, but you can’t let it die. It is where you are most alive.  Your skill, passion and purpose are wrapped up in it   When you are living in your dream you will make your greatest impact on the world.  You’ll be in the Big Leagues.  Your life will matter.

Think about it:

What situation (good or bad) do you know of where a dream affected the outcome?

What happened when you shared your dream?

How has facing/not facing your  dreams affected your life?

Read Psalm 37 and Genesis 37-42