Be ready when the game comes to you! Part 5

God makes everybody with a purpose.  There is a place on his team for you.  You are made with a design and there are things you can do that nobody

Be ready when the game comes to you! Part 4

Don’t be afraid to ask the question.  But be prepared to hear an answer you might not like.  “The truth will set you free.” Below from pages 152, 3 of                                                                                                                                                               

Be ready when the game comes to you. Part 3.

The previous posts reveal the difficulty of sitting on the bench. Now is the time for action and Darrel needed answers.  He was good enough to make it to the Big

Be ready when the game comes to you. Part 2.

Sitting on the bench is painful. It is not part of a man’s plan. His game is thrown off. Doubt sets in. A guy can get messed-up in his mind

“Be ready when the game comes to you.” Part 1.

How do you get in the game when you are sitting on the bench? There is a way! Last week I heard Darrel tell the story again and he never

Happy Fathers Day

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This column is dedicated to the memory of my dad, Bob Hettinger.  He fought the fight for freedom in war and honor and devotion in all the battles and struggles

Why is Baseball so streaky? Why am I?

It is not DiMaggio’s’s 56 game hitting streak or Ted Williams 84 game of reaching base streak that puzzle me.  They are just amazing accomplishments by the best who were

Remember the Cost

The 4th of July is for celebrating our independence.  Memorial Day is for remembering the cost. Work that produces a good result, whether it is the satisfaction of a completed

Do you know what you believe?

More from the Matheny Manifesto “I need to let you know where I stand. I have no hidden agenda. I have no ulterior motive other than what I said about

The Need for Discipline

Here is some more from the Matheny Manifesto. “There is not an excuse for lack of hustle on a baseball field. From the first step outside the dugout they will