I finished the book, probably faster than I have read any other book. What a wonderful job you did.

There was so much here that I could relate to – heroes as I was growing up, disappointments in my career, wondering where God was in my life, trying to take control of my life, etc. I am planning on reading it again; as my wife and I learned (through Marriage Encounter) many years ago when we wrote love letters to each other, read it the first time with your head and the second time with your heart.

Thank you so much for this gift.

When we share our lives, we discover we are not alone.  Most men have experienced the same types of things.  We are stronger when we connect with others and let it reach our hearts.  When I was writing the book there were temptations to think, “Why would anybody want to hear what I write?”  The truth is, you don’t want to hear it because “I” wrote it, but because somebody else, who just happened to be Darrel and me, experienced things like you do.  You are not alone in your experiences.  Don’t be alone in your journey.  Get in a men’s group.  Start a Bible study group.  Get a few friends to meet at a coffee shop once a week and share a story and look for scripture verses that feed your spirit.  You will grow.  You will be encouraged.  You will know your life matters.

Pray for God to give you a friend you can share your life with.  Read Ecclesiastes chapter 4.