What a pleasure it has been for me to read your new book, Welcome to the Big Leagues, with Dan Hettinger.  As soon as I heard that it was going to come out, I ordered it, and it came a few weeks later, and I have just finished reading it.  Thank you very very much for agreeing with Dan Hettinger to come out with this book that is really about both of you, as you know.  For me, though, I was interested in getting it because you were a big league baseball player, and I, like many a guy, wanted to become a big leaguer since I was a kid in little league.  (I’m 71 now.)  What intrigued me about getting the book was, I think, a comment I read about it concerning you having “discovered his God given significance….”    I thought to myself, only a Christian would say something like that, so I was anxious to get the book and read it to find out about that aspect of your life along with your big league baseball experience.  I certainly remember you from when you were in the majors, but of course had not heard of you since.  I love the fact that you are a Christian and are a motivational speaker and have such a good testimony.  I was saved when I was 12, back in Springfield, Massachusetts, in a Baptist church.  I was fortunate to grow up with Christian parents.

It was also great to read about and learn about Dan Hettinger and his life and ministry.  I feel like I got two books for the price of one, having read about both his life and yours!  I hope you can share this email with Dan.  I congratulate him for doing a fabulous job of writing your story and interweaving it with his own.  What a great idea!!

I have always loved baseball, and I have been playing men’s senior baseball for the last 16 years!  (yes, hardball, not softball)  I presently play on 4 teams, one in a 60-and-over age division, two in 55-and-over age divisions, and one in a 55-and-over age division, all in the suburban towns outside of Chicago.

Anyway, after reading about you, I feel like I almost know you! May God bless you and family abundantly with health and happiness and continued success in sharing the Gospel.

Again, thanks to you and Dan for the wonderful book!


Two books for the price of one!  Maybe we should charge more.  No.  We won’t do that.  But while it is a baseball book, or a book about a real baseball player, his struggles are ones we can identify with.  I chose to write about a utility player because I could identify with him more than I could with a superstar.  I am a utility player among pastors and men.

Darrel and I are glad you will get to know us.  We hope to get to know you too, so write us or invite us to your group for a speech.  But maybe you will get to know yourself better too when you read the stories or two guys facing issues like you do.

Also, read, from the Bible, the book of Proverbs.  This book of wisdom helps a man learn how to live, work, avoid mistakes and be wise.  There is a chapter for every day of the month.  A chapter a day keeps foolishness away!