Team Practice and conditioningWelcome to the Big Leagues–Every Man’s Journey to Significance is a book to give you a mental, emotional and spiritual workout.  Practice the subjects of each inning/chapter and let them influence your life.  My vision is for this book to be transformational in your life like the experiences were in Darrel’s and my life.  Below, and in the following posts, I suggest actions that will maximize your Welcome to the Big Leagues experience.  You will be in better shape and more skilled when you use the book and you will know, your are in the Big Leagues.


Welcome to the Big Leagues comes alive to readers in different ways, depending on their situations in life and what God is teaching through the stories and Scriptures.  If this book were a painting is would be “impressionistic.”  It is not a fill in the blanks; get the correct answer, Bible study.   The reader can expect to “come to bat” and have a meaningful experience each time he picks up the book.


  • Read an Inning (a Chapter with two halves).  Enjoy the stories.  Jesus told stories.  It is a great method of learning and teaching.
  • Consider where and how your life experiences fit or not fit with the story.
  • Let the light of a Scripture shine on both the story and your life.  There are verses at the beginning of each “Half Inning” and embedded in the story.  It would be great if you searched the Scriptures and brought them to speak to the people in the group.

This works for an individual but is maximized when from 2 to 12 guys sit and talk about it.  If there is a large group (20 on up), begin the time together with 15-20 minutes of introduction with the bulk of the time being table groups or small clusters interacting with the material.

Practice balls