setbacksSetbacks seem all wrong at the time.  When Darrel was sent to the minors and my first broken world experience sent me out of a church and into the unknown, it seemed wrong to both of us.

The first Christmas was marked by a lot of circumstances that the characters considered setbacks.  The census by the occupying Roman government disrupted everyone’s life.  The young pregnant couple, who was reeling with their unexpected situation, now had to travel to Bethlehem.

That’s life and it seems to be God’s method of operation too.  So I can fight it with anger and frustration, cave in to despair and discouragement or do what I can and look for God’s presence.  He will guide, comfort and redeem the situation.  Maybe He will even give me a glimpse of the reason for it, but for sure, He will be there and getting His work done in the world and in my life.