lighthouse in stormDifficult times and poverty are more common in the human experience than the opposite.

When Darrel was sweating his job as a baseball player, while he was waiting for a minimum wage contract and even though my viability was challenged by sub-standard income, we were in the place where God does some of His best work.

Consider the birth of the Christ child: It took place in a simple stable.  Wasn’t it enough that this couple had to deal with an unexpected pregnancy, and then take a difficult trip by foot and donkey? Couldn’t God the Father come through for them and get them a room in a house or a hotel?

We do not pursue poverty and hard times, but when circumstances put us there we wonder why and where God is. We aren’t the first to be there and we won’t be the last.  It is a common place and an important time to seek His presence.  That’s where the story began but not where it ended.  It isn’t our destination but it will be an important stop along the way in our journey.  Seek God.  Accept His plan and mysterious methods, and you will survive and find security in His love and care.