be ready“Be ready when the game comes to you.”

That’s what Sparky Anderson told Darrel in the speech that helped Darrel realize the importance of his place on the team.  That is one of the most popular and repeated stories in our book, Welcome to the Big Leagues—Every Man’s Journey to Significance.

The game came to Mary and Joseph—boy did it?!  The Shepherds where just tending sheep when, through a choir of angels, “the game came to them.”  Wise men were studying the heavens, “the game came to them.”

Kind of makes life exciting, doesn’t it?  Even if we don’t like our playing time, suddenly the game can find us.  Be ready!  Every day!!


  • Richard Q. Balaagot
    December 9, 2013, 6:31 pm

    Such a good word for us today. We’re always bombarded with people telling us to “dream big” or “go big”, but then find us grossly unprepared when that dream or moment is upon us.