You are fired


It is hard to believe that, especially when change beyond your control is forced on you.
“Everyman experiences the disorienting events of job and career changes…  In the crucible of tumultuous change, it is normal for a man to question his significance, doubt his abilities and not feel as though he is in the Big Leagues.  He may question his worth as a man.  Change is unavoidable.”  (From Welcome to the Big Leagues, p. 249)
I’ve had to apply this to my own situation.  The Hospice I worked for and the place I discovered a new “sweet-spot” of serving closed down entirely–unemployed.  So, stress, fear, anger, financial struggles, tension at home–here we go again.  This change hurts on multiple levels but the pain does not change that fact that “all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose.”  Romans 8:28.  I bet it has happened to you too.  Darrel says in his speeches, “I’ve probably been hired and fired more than anybody in this room.”  It happens!
Bottom line, in God’s hands he’s gonna work it out.  It might take a long time.  You might not even see it until the game is over and you get to look back, but it is going to be alright, because your life matters to God.
Here are a couple more scriptures that fit this part of the game.  Read Philippians 1:6, 12 & Romans 5:3,4,5)Setback

Imagine this message sweeping over the country–men telling someone in their family, a friend, a colleague at that “everything’s gonna be alirght because YOUR LIFE MATTERS!” Tell someone.  That’s how it works.