networthincreasedec_17“It felt good to be a Big Leaguer as long as it lasted.  But the pressure was to make it last.”

It feels good to know you were worth something today.   The CEO of my company gave me a priceless compliment recently, “If if weren’t for you, this (a good thing) wouldn’t have happened.”  Man that felt good.  The problem is, it fades.  I hope he remembers it.  I hope it makes a difference.  Statements like that can be addicting.  If I need to keep hearing it, even though I am doing a good job, I am insecure.

But in the world we live in, with a tough economy and downsizing happening all the time, most of us are insecure.  Darrel had a lot off competition for his position, and chances are, you and I do to.

When I personalize a book, I always put Philippians 1:6 by my name–my life verse.   Read it today.  Whenever I read it, and often when I attach it to my signature, I remember the source of my confidence and it is not in my position at work, my paycheck, what my boss thinks of me, etc.  Those things change too often.  By faith I choose to find my confidence in the one who promises to me that he has worked in my life and He will continue to until He is done and that is when I see Him face to face.

Read, Phil 1:6