I’m just…

One of the worst things a guy can say about himself is, “I’m just….” “I’m just a roofer.”  “I’m just a kid.”  “I’m just an old retired guy.”  “I’m just an

Remember the Cost

The 4th of July is for celebrating our independence.  Memorial Day is for remembering the cost. Work that produces a good result, whether it is the satisfaction of a completed

Do you know what you believe?

More from the Matheny Manifesto “I need to let you know where I stand. I have no hidden agenda. I have no ulterior motive other than what I said about

Loss can make us more.

I wish improvement; advancement and success only meant adding one victory on top of another. It also means fully experiencing each loss no matter how painful it is. “Catastrophic loss

Transformed or Destroyed, but never the same.

Tonight I speak at a Maundy Thursday service. The mood of this night troubles me. Events in the ministry of Christ increased with rapid intensity. More activity is recorded in

Growing the soul

“The soul is elastic, like a balloon. It can grow larger through suffering.” Baseball seasons are full of drama, and I’m not referring to the competition or the crazy 8th

Paying the Ultimate Price

BASEBALL PLAYERS WHO PAID ULTIMATE PRICE Six Big League ball players paid the ultimate price by serving our country in wartime, according to Yahoo Sports writer, Eric Ivie. As we