A special place in the heart!

Since writing the book and giving the Your Life Matters message in speeches my view of the value of every life has expanded.   I don't want anybody to feel

No such thing as “Just-a” dad

My dad probably didn’t know how special he was.  His impact on my life was beyond measure.  But, in being faithful for a lifetime of manly responsibilities I think he

Remember the Cost

The 4th of July is for celebrating our independence.  Memorial Day is for remembering the cost. Work that produces a good result, whether it is the satisfaction of a completed

Get your game face on.

            The last few blogs focused on losses and dark emotions.  When I quite avoiding them, I realized they were perfect times to put on my game-face. 

The Cost of Heroism

“Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin than about courageously and actively doing God’s will.” During the month of heroes I challenge myself to pay closer attention to

Character qualities of a hero

February is Black History month.  On the Welcome to the Big Leagues blog it is also a month of Heroes–heroes and what it takes to be a hero.  Heroes are

Very Important People–To Me!

I’m rich in people!  True wealth. Today I express thanks for Gary Foster.  He introduced me to Jerry Jenkins, one of the best selling Christian authors of all time–he’s writen over

Life’s Highlight Reel

Grand slam! There was no score as they began the bottom of the second inning. The first-place Cardinals were visiting Cincinnati to play the second-place Reds. Mike Thompson walked the

Living the Dream

Walk Off!   Bobby Cox will be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. For 30 years he was a big league manager… The first three games, for Bobby Cox as

A School Bus Driver’s Success

“When a man knows he is significant in the eyes of God because of who he is, he will be successful.  He will live with enthusiasm and strength.  His relationships