images[1]I’m rich in people!  True wealth.

Today I express thanks for Gary Foster.  He introduced me to Jerry Jenkins, one of the best selling Christian authors of all time–he’s writen over 180 books and sold 70,000,000 of them.  One list of Christian Best Selling Christian authors includes his name with C.S. Lewis, Charles M. Sheldon and John Bunyon.  How many books those authors sold is unknown but what is even more immeasurable is the lives they touched.  I got to hang out with Jerry at his office, talk baseball, church, writing and get a peek into the operation of one of the great Christian writers of all time.  Gary made it possible.

Gary believed in my book before I did.  He adds ideas, knowledge and experiences to my life that help me succeed.  It occured to me today that he is a man who makes other people successful.  He consults publishers, book stores and writes his newsletters that help people figure out how to be profitable in a busness where their accomplishents benefit the authors who write the book and the readers who buy the books.  He’s quiet and steady as he works behind the scenes to clear the path for many of us to take to make it to the Big Leagues and has an immesurable impact.

That made me think how many others have quietly made an impact in my life–a countless list.  My wife Susan, my Dad and Mom, my brother Jim, Darrel, Carl, Charley, John, Doug, JP, Thom, Ron, Bill, John, pastors, colleagues, parishoners, friends, publishers/editors, readers, colleagues… They keep my dream alive and stoke in me the fire that my life matters.  None of them would think of themselves as heros but as I think of the power of people in my life, they are in my Hall of Fame.

That’s Gary.  Helping me achieve my dreams and in the process of being thankful for him, the value of others increases!



  • November 26, 2013, 9:47 am

    Dan, Your words of encouragement were truly a special blessing shower on me today. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have served you. Thank you my friend.