I come from middle America. We never had much growing up but, we were never in need either. My dad was a hard working pipe fitter in an oil refinery. From my days growing up, to my career in baseball to my transition into the business world to retirement, it seems I’ve always been the guy in the middle. Every championship team I played on and successful business I was involved in would not have succeeded without “the middle man.”

But being in the middle does not mean mediocre. I always wanted to be the best and I dreamed big, trained hard and competed intensely and I made it to the Big Leagues—even the World Series three times! Every man wants success, dignity and respect–to make it to the Big Leagues or to the top of his profession. He wants to be significant.

From Darrel Chaney’s Foreword in the book, Welcome to the Big Leagues—Every Man’s Journey to Significance.

You are significant even if you are in the middle.  Be the best at being in the middle, because your life matters.