Well, finished “Welcome to the Big Leagues”. POWERFUL! Grief, wow, Dan unlocked my heart about my brother. Still can almost hear his last breath as I was holding his hand, my wife holding his other hand softly singing hymns.

How I miss him, have been denying he is not in his little house.

I already have three people in mind to buy a copy for, all close brothers in the Lord in church, including my pastor.

It is hard to talk about grief and loss.  So most men avoid it.  They work hard to put as many experiences between their loss and today as they can.  The trouble is, it doesn’t take the grief away.  They learn to live with a piece of them missing, but where that piece was torn away has not healed, because they did not face their grief.  I love being an American, but we, as a culture, are bad at facing grief and loss, but when we do, our hope for Heaven and our understanding of the value of each life grows.  So, how do we face our grief?  Admit it.  Lean into it and let yourself feel the pain.  Tell God how bad you hurt and ask Him to be close to you.   Talk to someone about it.   God will be close,  Heaven will be real and you will be more alive.

Read I Corinthians 1:1-11