Dreams alive with vitality

Along with a few other guys, I’m reading Orthodoxy, a book by G.K. Chesterton.  This book is considered a classic in Christian philosophy and apologetics.  I think he has such an

Our Greatest Fear

Fear of failure may not be our greatest competition.  Fear of success seems ridiculous but it is real.  This quote from Marianne Williamson from her book,  A Return to Love:


How can anyone be thankful for the ambushes of life? I’ve experienced the arrows of criticism through years of ministry, and for many years allowed those arrows to remain in place,

Life’s Highlight Reel

Grand slam! There was no score as they began the bottom of the second inning. The first-place Cardinals were visiting Cincinnati to play the second-place Reds. Mike Thompson walked the

Everything’s gonna be alright!

EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT It is hard to believe that, especially when change beyond your control is forced on you. “Everyman experiences the disorienting events of job and career changes… 

Sometimes a man is his own greatest competition.

“The struggle comes from within.  Doubts, fears and wounds that he did not know existed riseup to compete against him when he is making decisions.  His performance, even his ability

You can survive an ambush

An ambush is a surprise attack.  Your significance and your dream will be attacked from a variety of adversaries and many times the attack will catch you completely by surprise. That’s

SCORE CARD — Welcome to the Big Leagues making a difference

 I gave my husband the book, he began reading and was really inspired and thankful for it.  He just called me and we talked about significance.  He also said how already the

SCORE CARD — Feedback From a Reader

I finished the book, probably faster than I have read any other book. What a wonderful job you did. There was so much here that I could relate to –