Trusting God in the Storms of Life

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Difficult times and poverty are more common in the human experience than the opposite. When Darrel was sweating his job as a baseball player, while he was waiting for a


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Setbacks seem all wrong at the time.  When Darrel was sent to the minors and my first broken world experience sent me out of a church and into the unknown,

The Most Wonderful/Terrible Time of the Year

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For many, the excitement and expectation of the Christmas season is missing. It is incongruous with the reality of their daily lives…..lost relationships, broken dreams and unmet needs.  The bright

Thankful in the Lean Times

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Five Kernels of Corn.  It is necessary to be thankful.  The Giver of all good things deserves our thanks and we need to be thankful,  for our own emotional health.


How can anyone be thankful for the ambushes of life? I’ve experienced the arrows of criticism through years of ministry, and for many years allowed those arrows to remain in place,

Very Important People–To Me!

I’m rich in people!  True wealth. Today I express thanks for Gary Foster.  He introduced me to Jerry Jenkins, one of the best selling Christian authors of all time–he’s writen over

I Have a Dream

I’m thankful I still have a dream. When I am finished speaking the “Your Life Matters” message to Fellowship of Christian Athletes and God’s Grace Community Church, I realize I’m living the dream. 

Veterans Impact and Cost Lasts for all Time

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We flew the flag on Veterans Day.  This week, using the book, Welcome to the Big Leagues and the connection with the great sport of baseball,  I’ve given thanks for Veterans.   During football games

Major League Thanks

I CAN ROOT FOR THE DODGERS ON THIS ONE! For some reason, I’m usually rooting for whoever is playing the Dodgers, but I can root for the Dodgers on this

Paying the Ultimate Price

BASEBALL PLAYERS WHO PAID ULTIMATE PRICE Six Big League ball players paid the ultimate price by serving our country in wartime, according to Yahoo Sports writer, Eric Ivie. As we