Pressure to maintain Big League worth

“It felt good to be a Big Leaguer as long as it lasted.  But the pressure was to make it last.” It feels good to know you were worth something

YOUR LIFE MATTERS — The Humble vs. Proud versions

Pride says, “My life matters because of my performance.” Humility says, “My life matters because of God’s love, design and purpose.” When I say, “your life matters” it could sound

SCORE CARD — Welcome to the Big Leagues making a difference

 I gave my husband the book, he began reading and was really inspired and thankful for it.  He just called me and we talked about significance.  He also said how already the

SCORE CARD — Feedback From a Reader

I finished the book, probably faster than I have read any other book. What a wonderful job you did. There was so much here that I could relate to –