Life’s Highlight Reel

Grand slam! There was no score as they began the bottom of the second inning. The first-place Cardinals were visiting Cincinnati to play the second-place Reds. Mike Thompson walked the


Big name play! You know you are in the Big Leagues just by the names of players who are your competition. Bobby Mercer, the five-time All-Star was up to bat.

A Special Place

Over the ivy! For the boy from Hammond, Indiana, Wrigley Field was a sacred place. It was the home of the Cubs and one of the great ball parks of

Living the Dream

Walk Off!   Bobby Cox will be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. For 30 years he was a big league manager… The first three games, for Bobby Cox as

Dreams come true after fierce competition.

 Below is an article the I wrote earlier today for the Castle Rock News Press and related newspapers.  It demonstrates how destructive competition can be when it is not understood

Life is hard on dreams

“Life is hard on dreams.  Sometimes recalling deferred dreams is painful, as they are reminders of what did not happen, what went wrong and personal weakness.  This pain lingers.”  From