A special place in the heart!

Since writing the book and giving the Your Life Matters message in speeches my view of the value of every life has expanded.   I don't want anybody to feel

No such thing as “Just-a” dad

My dad probably didn’t know how special he was.  His impact on my life was beyond measure.  But, in being faithful for a lifetime of manly responsibilities I think he

Be ready when the game comes to you. Part 6

Your time will come. From page 154 of Welcome to the Big Leagues–Every Man’s Journey to Significance “Darrel, I want you to be ready when the game comes to you.”

Be ready when the game comes to you! Part 5

God makes everybody with a purpose.  There is a place on his team for you.  You are made with a design and there are things you can do that nobody

Be ready when the game comes to you! Part 4

Don’t be afraid to ask the question.  But be prepared to hear an answer you might not like.  “The truth will set you free.” Below from pages 152, 3 of                                                                                                                                                               

Be ready when the game comes to you. Part 3.

The previous posts reveal the difficulty of sitting on the bench. Now is the time for action and Darrel needed answers.  He was good enough to make it to the Big

Be ready when the game comes to you. Part 2.

Sitting on the bench is painful. It is not part of a man’s plan. His game is thrown off. Doubt sets in. A guy can get messed-up in his mind

“Be ready when the game comes to you.” Part 1.

How do you get in the game when you are sitting on the bench? There is a way! Last week I heard Darrel tell the story again and he never

Why is Baseball so streaky? Why am I?

It is not DiMaggio’s’s 56 game hitting streak or Ted Williams 84 game of reaching base streak that puzzle me.  They are just amazing accomplishments by the best who were

Victory comes to good guys who play the right way.

There is an ethic that influences Mike Matheny and there is a faith that drives his ethic. Below is an excerpt from “The Matheny Manifesto.” You can read more on