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Fireworks in Atlanta! It was the fifth of July, 1976 for an 8:05 Braves game at Atlanta, Fulton County Stadium. Atlanta had been on the road for ten games—they won

A Special Place

Over the ivy! For the boy from Hammond, Indiana, Wrigley Field was a sacred place. It was the home of the Cubs and one of the great ball parks of

Try a Trick Play!

“You are out! The Reds were playing in Atlanta. Darrel was playing short and the go-ahead run was on second with two outs. It rarely works but when it does

Save Lives with Your Life Matters Message

When I wrote Welcome to the Big Leagues, I had the feeling I was onto something important.  People need to be encouraged with a transcendent message–how God sees them.  But,

Everything’s gonna be alright!

EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT It is hard to believe that, especially when change beyond your control is forced on you. “Everyman experiences the disorienting events of job and career changes… 

Enjoy today. Do not worry!

    “We enjoyed the day, because there might not be a tomorrow in baseball.” You are right Cindy Chaney, and that is true for more than Big League utility

Coming up to bat everyday

“Every year Darrel had to earn his position for the ensuing year.  Every game and every at-bat had significance beyond the impact of the game.” Sometimes pressure brings out the best–intensity

Pressure to maintain Big League worth

“It felt good to be a Big Leaguer as long as it lasted.  But the pressure was to make it last.” It feels good to know you were worth something

Tornados, grief and the need to persevere.

  “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” I had occasion recently to organize my thoughts about the main lessons I learned in my

Everyday heroes are the most important ones.

Below is my column in the News Press this week.  It is about heroes even though this weeks theme is perseverance.  But heroes persevere competition, hardship, doubt, attacks, etc.  So,